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TDS takes your marketing to a higher level of creativity. We enhance your company's image with written content and appealing imagery that draws your customer's in. From clever slogans to complete media packages, TDS delivers your ultimate marketing vision.  
Marketing projects include:  
from slogans to multimedia packages  
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Other Services
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KJ International Resources is a proactive language translation service provider dedicated to developing long-term partnership with clients across highly technical and regulated industries. All aspects of KJI's translation process are
ISO 9001:2008; ISO 13485:2003; EN 15038:2006 certified.

Horizon Product Development offers consulting and design service for the medical device industry.  Focusing on the design for manufacturing of Electrosurgical based devices and accessories.   Services include the following:
  • Medical Device Compliance; IEC 60601-1 2nd and 3rd Editions, IEC 60601-2-2

  • 510K Product Submissions for Class II Medical Devices

  • Risk Management per ISO 14971

  • Design Control per ISO 13485

  • Development of Product Specifications

  • Analog and Digital Design

  • Test Engineering including the design and assembly of test fixtures.

  • Design of disposable battery operated medical devices including cauteries, nerve stimulators and heating devices.

  • RoHS Conversion

JP Designs specializes in creating both static and flash based websites; also animated banners, brochures, flyers, business cards, logos, etc. JP Designs pricing is reasonable and the work is high quality. Check it out you wont be disappointed.
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Our mission is to support and enhance our customer's products and services. We will accomplish this mission by expertly delivering superior documentation and visual design through computer-based media and hardcopy publication. We will measure our success in achieving our mission through the success of our clients as they achieve their documentation and visual representation objectives. TDS fields highly successful solutions for clients in software development, Internet services, employment and recruiting, computer technology, telecommunications, healthcare services markets, and more. Each solution features the highest quality in communications. Technology Documentation Services, Inc. consistently meets or exceeds customers' expectations, delivering innovative and informative documentation and visual design. Technology Documentation Services has attracted a group of top-notch writers and media design specialists. Our entire team has been instrumental in orchestrating our success and is committed to supporting our client's needs. Developing from the client's specifications while implementing creative writing skills, TDS utilizes the latest software tools and communications techniques to produce support resources ranging from Web content, HELP, user guides, marketing media, electronic and hardcopy manuals, research studies, and more. Broadening our graphic technology assets to meet the newest electronic needs of our clients has helped us to create a full set of services for our clients' marketing and business image requirements. These designs are also a valuable tool to enhance documentation and offer a visual approach to support media. Superior Web-site design, multimedia production, CD technologies, art and interface design allows for electronic innovations that exceed the needs of our clients.
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Elaborate on your business know-how and product's advantages. Technology Documentation Services offers technical writing and editing expertise on subjects including software, engineering, Information Systems, the sciences, and more. Our seasoned writers and visual developers will dedicate their expertise to developing your documentation requirements. Specializing in electronic delivery of friendly, support-based user assistance, TDS compliments your product and service offerings with a variety of communication possibilities.

Call us at (727) 403-6871 or e-mail ContactUs@TechnologyDocs.com to
discuss your documentation or visual needs.

Committed to your success, Technology Documentation Services delivers your vision through our documentation and visual representations.